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Plan install a NextCloud server at home

Plan install a NextCloud server at home

Planning to have a NextCloud server at home. There are many solutions.



Install NextCloud as docker in Synology ds1812+ or ds2419+, but

  • Unable to use other system next time.
  • Expose all data in NAS
  • CPU and memory limited

But consider use it as storage via iSCSI.


Install NextCloud on TrueNAS is officially supported. It is installed as docker container in TrueNAS, but

  • Use more power as the system running on a normal PC
  • Migration might be hard

Raspberry Pi

Install NextCloud on Raspberry Pi, a few options there

  • Install directly on OS, but will mix up with OS as well
  • Install as docker, needs to have correct structure to be maintained
  • Install as NextCloudPi, limited storage on SD card

First plan

After considered all above, first plan will be

  • Install on a Pi which has 1GB ethernet port
  • Install BerryBoot and boot from Synology iSCSI disk
  • Configure storage utilize Synology NAS


  • Separate storage and application
  • Low power
  • Easy to replace the hardware
  • Got official update regularly

Second plan

After read some documents on line, feel the raspberry pi at current stage still isn't good for NextCloud. The major issue is the CPU speed, which also caused 1GB ethernet performance drop to 40MB/s.

I think I had better use my core 2 due machine to install NextCloud. Maybe I will try it on Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM later as well.


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