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Thinking about the future of Chef

Thinking about the future of Chef

DevOps tools

These few days, I was thinking about how to manage my servers. Thinking about any DevOps tools to be used.

Looking for Ansible, the center management tool, which is called Ansible Tower, offers free for handling up to 10 nodes...

Looking for Chef, free for 25 nodes? That was 2014. Then now, free for 5 nodes...

Looking for Puppet, I bad experience in the past due to it's OS support, and I'm a scripter, perfer Chef's imperative language, not Puppet's declarative language.


Chef people mentioned the word Serverless couple of years back, read some on-line documents, didn't understand how Chef goes serverless...

Today, After read another document, understand the real serverless meaning. It means Stateless for all servers, such as Core OS, no Chef required. True?


Is Ruby hard to learn? I really don't feel it, and I think it is easy comparing with other OO Languages. But some people from DevOps team told me Ansible is easy, Ruby is hard. Hmmm...

Ruby is dying, maybe, it is not an OS default language, will not be the choice for sysadm.

JavaScript and Python

Running some servers using NodeJS, it solved some issues, but not a well structured programming language. Easy to start, hard to master.

Python, learnt and coded AI program, felt messy. Maybe I'm wrong.

A nature language is easy to start but hard to master, will this be the future of programming language as well? Or, nothing to master, just tell enough...


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Application Stopped due to upstream unreachable

Application Stopped due to upstream unreachable

During Chef Server troubleshooting time, found chef is unreachable from localhost


  • Nginx was shown as started in chef-server-ctl status command, pid could be found
  • TCP port 443 was inaccessable from localhost.
  • Reboot server, but still the same issue
  • Used ps -ef | grep nginx, found nginx is running without indication of master
  • Run nginx command line which found in ps
  • Shows upstream server and port was not reachable, which is automate server


  • Can not find IP address, then add IP and host into /etc/host file, result shows

    • NGINX running with master indicator
    • TCP port 443 was listening
  • Still can not reach upstream server


The problem could be related to following issues caused application stopped due to no IP can be found for upstream servers.

  • Routing issue
  • Firewall issue