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OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023

OSIM Sundown Marathon 2023

Event stated at 11:30 PM on 20 May 2023 for 42KM. During running, I got stomachache , could not even have deep breath, only can walk after 25km. Maybe because this is the first time I tried energy gels. Although got vomiting a bit, felt a bit better, still felt pain. Or maybe because ran too fast in first 21km (1:56), wanted to check my half marathon speed. Or maybe because inhaled water a few times, caused severe coughing. Still unclear.



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Race Guide


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Garmin Fenix – useful features

Garmin Fenix - useful features

Pause and Resume

Press start/stop button during activity is on.

  • To resume your activity, select Resume.
  • To save the activity and view the details, select Save, press Start button, and select an option.
  • To suspend your activity and resume it at a later time, select Resume Later.
  • To mark a lap, select Lap.
  • To navigate back to the starting point of your activity along the path you traveled, select Back to Start > TracBack.
  • To navigate back to the starting point of your activity by the most direct path, select Back to Start > Route.
  • To measure the difference between your heart rate at the end of the activity and your heart rate two minutes later, select Recovery HR, and wait while the timer counts down.
  • To discard the activity, select Discard.