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Install Vagrant on CentOS in Proxmox

Install Vagrant on CentOS


Check version

The latest version of Vagrant can be found in


yum install


vargant --version

Init CentOS 7 with Vagrant

sudo mkdir ~/vagrant-centos-7
cd ~/vagrant-centos-7
vagrant box add centos/7

Create Vagrantfile

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "centos/7"

Start Vagrant

vagrant up


vagrant ssh

Halt Vagrant

vagrant halt

Destroy Vagrant

vagrant destroy


If the following error appeared, change the CPU type of CentOS VM in Proxmox to host.

Stderr: VBoxManage: error: VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)


How to Install Vagrant on CentOS 7
centos/8 Vagrant box

Disable CentOS 8 Load Kernel Modules ipmi_si No such device error

Disable CentOS Load Kernel Modules ipmi_si No such device error

After CentOS 8 boots up, following error appeared when starting systemd-modules-load.service in /var/log/messages

Mar  1 15:48:40 centos kernel: ipmi_si: IPMI System Interface driver
Mar  1 15:48:40 centos kernel: ipmi_si: Unable to find any System Interface(s)
Mar  1 15:48:40 centos systemd-modules-load[561]: Failed to insert 'ipmi_si': No such device


The module ipmi_si is designed for physical servers with a remote control interface - an IPMI, and the CentOS 8 is running in a VM.


Create /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ipmi.conf file with following lines,

blacklist ipmi_si
blacklist ipmi_devintf
blacklist ipmi_msghandler
blacklist ipmi_ssif
blacklist ipmi_watchdog
blacklist ipmi_poweroff
blacklist acpi_ipmi
blacklist ibmaem
blacklist ibmpex


Boot fails after update ipmi_si No such device

Add Search Domain for DNS in CentOS 8

Add Search Domain for DNS in CentOS 8

There is no option in network configuration GUI menu for search domain. Following steps can be used to add search domain.

  • Modify file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<interface_name>
  • Add line SEARCH=<search_domain>
  • Restart NetworkManager by run command systemctl restart NetworkManager


How to configure static DNS and Search domain for Redhat / CentOS and Redhat Linux