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Hot swapable Keychron keyboard issues

Hot swapable Keychron keyboard issues

Just got Keychron keyboard, with hot swap, which can easily switch between two Mac machines easily. Some issues struggle me for a while.

No eject button

The major difference between normal Mac keyboard and Keychron keyboard is reject button, so need to use another combination of keys for sleep instead, which uses power button. But my old iMac power button has issue as well.

Then when I put iMac to sleep, then try to switch to Mac Mini, the keyboard wakes iMac up. To overcome this issue, I tried to use mouse, but I can not move the mouse as well, it also wakes iMac up.

After search internet, people give a solution, that is using mouse to sleep, then lift it up, after that make it upside down. Then I did the same thing, except switch it off, because my mouse got light.

Switch between MacOS and Windows or Linux

Because of the switching between MacOS and Windows or Linux via a physical button, it isn't that easy, and the manual mentions do not do it often, otherwise, can cause issue.


Shortcut key to make my macbook sleep?