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Using certbot apply let’s encrypt certificate

Using certbot apply let's encrypt certificate

In order to use NGINX module, certbot needs to use it's own NGINX server or it needs to modify the NGINX configuration.



  • Shutdown application which listening on port 80 and port 443
docker stop nginx
  • Install software if haven't installed

Note: skip this step if packages installed

apt install certbot
apt install python3-certbot-nginx
  • Request certificate

Note: do not need to start nginx service, certbot will start it automatically

certbot certonly --nginx -d <domain1> -d <domain2>
  • certificate location

Certificate can be found in following directory

ls /etc/letsencrypt/live/domain1/
  • stop nginx created by certbot
systemctl stop nginx
systemctl disable nginx
  • setup docker certificates

Copy privkey.pem and fullchain.pem into docker configuation directory.

Another way

Run certbot docker choud be better as no additional package install, and the certbot service can be stopped using docker command


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