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Snap Basic

Snap Basic

To check the snap utility version, you need to use snap --version command as shown below.

Basic Commands

snap install <snap_name>
snap remove <snap_name>
snap remove <snap_name> --purge       # No snapshot generated
snap list
snap list --all
snap info <snap_name>
snap find <snap_name>
snap revert <snap_name>
snap enable <snap_name>
snap disable <snap_name>
snap download <snap_name>

Snap updates

snap refresh <snap_name>
snap refresh --list

Snap Channels (releases)

They are stable, edge, beta and candidate.

# snap install --edge <snap_name>
# snap install --beta <snap_name>
# snap install --candidate <snap_name>

Snap Changes

snap changes

Snap Connections

snap connections <snap_name>

Snap Model/Version

snap model
snap --version

Snap Service

snap services lxd
snap restart lxd
snap stop lxd
snap start lxd
snap logs lxd

Snap Alias

snap alias <snap_name> <alias_name>
snap aliases
snap unalias <alias_name>

Snap Snapshot

snap save
snap check-snapshot <snapshot_num>
snap restore <snapshot_num>
snap forget <snapshot_num>        # Delete a snapshot
snap saved
snap saved --id=<snapshot_num>        # View a snapshot

Snap login

snap login
snap logout

Snap Config

snap set system refresh.retain=2
snap get system refresh.retain
snap unset system refresh.retain


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