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Application Stopped due to upstream unreachable

Application Stopped due to upstream unreachable

During Chef Server troubleshooting time, found chef is unreachable from localhost


  • Nginx was shown as started in chef-server-ctl status command, pid could be found
  • TCP port 443 was inaccessable from localhost.
  • Reboot server, but still the same issue
  • Used ps -ef | grep nginx, found nginx is running without indication of master
  • Run nginx command line which found in ps
  • Shows upstream server and port was not reachable, which is automate server


  • Can not find IP address, then add IP and host into /etc/host file, result shows

    • NGINX running with master indicator
    • TCP port 443 was listening
  • Still can not reach upstream server


The problem could be related to following issues caused application stopped due to no IP can be found for upstream servers.

  • Routing issue
  • Firewall issue