FreeNAS vs Synology

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FreeNAS vs Synology


Devices: ds1812+ and ds2419+


  • Hardware are very stable (more than 10 years without issue)
  • Low power and low noise
  • Reasonable price
  • Mix size hard disks in volume
  • Upgrade Hard disk easily
  • Identify hard disk easily
  • Crashed volume in read-only mode, data can be retrieved
  • Many apps can be downloaded
  • Operations on NAS are organized user friendly


  • Cannot move or copy share folder after volume crashed, manual copy and resetup required
  • Bad hard disk can cause extension unit disconnected from main unit
  • Doesn't accept bad hard disk which smart testing failed, shows failling HDD list
  • Create many special folder named as @eaDir in everywhere, which can be issue when using some services, and huge number of small files in it.
    Note: This folder creation feature could not be disabled.
  • Dedup can not be handled
  • CPU is weak for virtual machines


Just started on an i7 PC with 32GB ram.


  • Opensource
  • Can be installed in a normal PC
  • Hardware upgrade is easy, and can import disks used in other NAS before
  • Insensitive to bad hard disk
  • ZFS can handle bad sector natively
  • ZFS can perform dedup natively (haven't tested)


  • Not easy to understand the tasks to be performed
  • Network configuration screens are everywhere, not easy to find them
  • Network aggregation configuration isn't easy to understand
  • Disk, pool, and dataset are highly related to ZFS
  • Share folder permission and ACL are too complex for NAS operation

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