Install *Synology* NAS managed *Let’s Encrypt Certificate* in *NGINX*

Install Synology NAS managed Let's Encrypt Certificate in NGINX

Certificate Management

Synology NAS can be used for certificate management, and Let's Encrypt certificate can be exported as ZIP file used for NGINX HTTPS configuration.

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Security -> Certificate
  2. Select certificate to be exported
  3. Select Export Certificate from right click menu
  4. Save exported file

For existing certificates, can use right click -> renew option to renew.

Note: All domain in the certificates, must be resolved to current Synology NAS at port 80 and port 443, otherwise, certificate generation will be failed.

In downloaded ZIP file, following files can be found.

  • certs.pem
  • chain.pem
  • privkey.pem

NGINX configuration

  1. Concatenate cert.pem and chain.pem to cert-with-chain.pem (or fullchain.pem) file

  2. Copy cert-with-chain.pem and privkey.pem into NGNIX conf.d folder

  3. Verify NGINX configuration as below

ssl_certificate     conf.d/cert-with-chain.pem;
ssl_certificate_key conf.d/privkey.pem;
  1. Restart NGINX



The date of issue for new certificate should be displayed in certificate information window.

Command line

Following command can be used for verification

openssl s_client -connect <domain_name>:<port>

If got following error, concatenate chain.pem into cert.pem, because the full chain is required.

verify error:num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate
verify error:num=21:unable to verify the first certificate


How to install Let's Encrypt on Nginx

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