VM setup in TrueNAS

VM setup in TrueNAS

Setup Bridge Network for HOST

If the VM interface created on physical interface, the VM will not be able to access host, which can not use any services provided by TrueNAS.

To fix this issue, Bridge Network is necessary to be used in host. To migrate physical network to bridge network, following steps required.

Note: complete all steps before click on Test Changes

  • Remove IP address from physical interface (bond0)
  • Create a bridge interface called br0, attach physical interface (bond0)
  • Add IP on bridge interface
  • Click on Test Changes
  • Wait till the IP address reachable again
  • Then Make change permanently by click the same button again.

Create VM

Select CPU Passthru should be faster.
Select vio devices for hard disk and network.

Download driver from Fedora

Download both storage driver and network driver from following website.

Load driver to detect hard disk

Select driver CD and point to \viostor\w10\amd64 folder for storage device driver.

Update driver after installation

For network card driver, update using driver CD.


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