Baidu Disk download speed test

Baidu Disk download speed test

I used 4 environments to test download files from Baidu Disk.


CPU: Intel i7

This machine's download speed is quite fast, but when CPU gets high, fan will trun on, quite hot.

Windows 10 on Physical Machine

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo

This machine is slowest one, less than 10MB/s, don't understand why, but looks CPU speed impact the download speed.

Windows 10 as VM on TrueNAS

CPU: Intel i7

This is fastest, can reach 30MB/s sometimes.

Ubuntu as VM on TrueNAS

CPU: Intel i7

This isn't fast, may be because the software got issue, speed is about 15MB/s.


Surprisingly, Windows 10 as VM running in TrueNAS is much faster.

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