Turn off iMac Display Only

Turn off iMac Display Only

The iMac might not auto sleep sometimes, so what do you like to do before you go for quick snack? Turn off iMac display only. But there is not switch on monitor, luckily there are some ways to do.

Keyboard with Eject key

  • Control + Shift + Eject

Keyboard with Power key

  • Control + Shift + Power

Keyboard without Eject/Power

Go to login screen

  • Control + Command + Q

Then at the login screen

  • Escape

Keyboard with Touch Bar


  • Select System Preferences
  • Open Keyboard
  • Click Customize Control Strip...
  • Drag Screen Lock icon into the Touch Bar
  • Click Done.


Go to login screen

  • Tap the the Screen Lock icon on your Touch Bar

Then at the login screen

  • Escape to turn off the display immediately.



  • Select System Preferences
  • Open Mission Control
  • Click Hot Corners
  • Choose Put Display to Sleep for one of the corner


  • Move your mouse to the corner configured


Run the following command:

pmset displaysleepnow


[How to Turn Off Your Mac's Display Without Putting Your Computer to Sleep}(https://www.iclarified.com/76166/how-to-turn-off-your-macs-display-without-putting-your-computer-to-sleep)

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