VirtualBox Command Line Interface

VirtualBox Command Line

List all VMs

vboxmanage list vms

List all running VMs

vboxmanage list runningvms

Show a VM info

vboxmanage showvminfo <name or UUID>.

Start a VM

vboxmanage startvm <name or UUID>.

Control a VM

vboxmanage controlvm <subcommand>

Subcommand: pause, resume, reset, poweroff, and savestate

Unregister a VM

vboxmanage unregister <name or UUID>

Remove a VM

vboxmanage unregister --delete <name or UUID>

Modify a VM

vboxmanage modifyvm <name or UUID> --name <new name>
vboxmanage modifyvm <name or UUID> --description <new description>.
vboxmanage modifyvm <name or UUID> --memory <RAM in MB>.
vboxmanage modifyvm <name or UUID> --cpus <number>.

Change VM state

vboxmanage controlvm <name or UUID> setlinkstate<num> [off|on]
vboxmanage modifyvm <name or UUID> --nicpromisc<num> allow-all
vboxmanage controlvm nic<num> <network type>

Note: The <num> is referring to eth<num> interface. The Network type can be hostonly, etc.


An Introduction to the VirtualBox CLI

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