Day: January 7, 2023

Query RAM Type in Windows 11

Query RAM Type in Windows 11

To query RAM type for each slot, run following command

wmic memorychip get

Note: High clock speed RAM can be used in low speed computer normally.


How to get full PC memory specs (speed, size, type, part number, form factor) on Windows 10
Is there any problem if I use 3200 MHz RAM whereas my motherboard supports up to 2400 MHz?

Unable to query DNS with DOMAIN from `dnsmasq` server

Unable to query DNS with DOMAIN from dnsmasq server

When doing nslookup, dnsmasq server could not reply the DNS with DOMAIN, but able to reply short dns name only. Following message may appear.

# nslookup www
dnsmasq server can't find NXDOMAIN


The reason is that DNS entries in dnsmasq host file (default is banner_add_hosts) has no domain name  www

In dnsmasq.conf file

Following lines are required. The expand-hosts option allows appending the domain name defined in domain line to short hostname in host file,