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Add a Proxmox Node to Cluster

Add a Proxmox Node to Cluster

When using UI Web interface to add node into cluster, the following error occurred

ERROR: TFA-enabled login currently works only with a TTY. at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/APIClient/LWP.pm line 100


Use command line below to add node via Shell

pvecm add <target ip> -link0 <source ip>

If got error on key validation, try node name instead

pvecm add <target_dns_name>


Add PAM user in Proxmox as Admin

Add PAM user in Proxmox

Create user in OS

groupadd <group>
adduser -g <group> <user>
passwd <user>
mkdir ~<user>
chown <user>:<group> ~<user>

Add OS user to Proxmox

pveum user add <user>@pam
pveum user list

Add role to user

pveum acl modify <PATH> --roles PVEAdmin --users <user>@pam

For example

acl modify / --roles PVEAdmin --users user@pam


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