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2FA App – Authy

2FA App - Authy

There are many 2FA Apps, Microsoft, Google, Duo, etc. But I select Authy.


As an end user, I'm not the one looking at how secure a 2FA App is, it is only generating a code as expected. But I need to two major considerations as my experiences.

  • Backup - My phone was broken, then I lost all my codes, I don't even remember what they are. Very sad experience.

    Yes, Authy backs up data to their own server.

  • Multiple Devices - To make sure my codes won't be lost, then they should be available via multiple locations.

    Yes, Authy can be used in many devices, and can track them in devices list.

  • Offline - To make sure I got my own copy on my hand, I need it works offline.

    Yes, Authy has a local copy.

  • Acceptable by others - When you hear supported by Google Authenticator, it should work.

    Yes, it supports standard TOTP.


  • Don't know how to remove the code from iOS App
  • There is a Default device in devices list, which is quite confusing.
  • How to save backup codes? No solution given.


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