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Learning – Fat-Free PHP Framework (Bootstrap & Authentication)

Learning - Fat-Free PHP Framework (Bootstrap & Authentication)

Bootstrap & Authentication


Front design, https://getbootstrap.com, includes CCS, Components, etc.

Getting start has examples, sign in page can be downloaded as well.

Bootstrap CDN - Content delivery network online

Content to be included

Include css into the head tag of the page

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.5/css/bootstrap.min.css">

Include the java script just before the closing of body tag

<script src="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.5/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

Create structure for login page

  • Create app/views/login.htm

  • Create app/models/User.php

  • Create app/controllers/UserController.php

  • Create app/css/signin.css or a static folder for this

  • Copy bootstrap login sample html to login.htm

  • Copy bootstrap login sample css to signin.css

Create page

  • Clean up login.htm

  • Create UserController.php

class UserController extends Controller {
    function render() {
        $template = new Template;

        echo $template->render('login.htm');
  • Update routes.ini


GET /login=UserController->render

The login page built as https://localhost:8088/login

Customize login page

Remove Remember me and change variable names, and name attribute for input fields


Update routes.ini

Add following line

POST /authenticate=UserController->authenticate

Update form in login.htm

<form class="form-signin" method="POST" action="/authenticate">

Create table

Create table user with id, username, password.

Create password

$ php -a
echo password_hash('f3password', PASSWORD_DEFAULT);

Add user and password

Add an user with username=f3user and the password=$2y......

Create model for user

Create User.php by modifying Messages.php

class User extends DB\SQL\Mapper {
    public function __construct(DB\SQL $db) {
        parent::__construct($db, 'user');

    public function getByName() {
        $this->load(array('username=?', $name));

    public function all() {
        return $this->query;


*Note: Function all() can be used to assign to a variable, getByName() is return the object itself.

Add authenticate function in UserController class

function authenticate() {
    $username = $this->f3->get('POST.username');
    $password = $this->f3->get('POST.password');

    $user = new User($this->db);

    if ($user->dry()) {
        // echo 'User does not exist.';

    if (password_verify($password, $user->password)) {
        // echo 'password OK';
    else {
        // echo 'password NOT OK';

Note: dry() is db function.

Create session

Look for Fat-Free Session Handler

  • Enable cache

Add following line in config.ini

  • Update index.php
new Session();

  • Add following line in function authenticate in UseController class
if (password_verify($password, $user->password)) {
    $this->f3->set('SESSION.user', $user->usename)'

Update function beforeroute in Controller class

function beforeroute() {
    if ($this->f3->get('SESSION.user') === null) {

Update UserController class

Because this update is in Controller class, so every page will go thru the verification. To ignore this behavior for login.htm, update UserController class. Adding following empty function to overwrite beforeroute()

function beforeroute() {


Adding Bootstrap and User Authentication to Fatfree PHP MVC Project