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Garmin Edge 1030 – useful features during cycling

Garmin Edge 1030 - useful features during cycling

Split long course

Garmin got bug when the Course is longer than 180 KM as my experiences, and it caused self reboot during recalculating. So I have to split the course into smaller segments, and this is also improve the loading time. Anyway, Garmin Edge isn't a fast computer.

Change Course during cycling

In order to load the next Course into Edge without stopping the activity, the following steps can be used

  • Touch the screen
  • Tap on Home icon
  • Tap on Navigation
  • Tap on Courses
  • Tap on the Course to load
  • Return to Home page
  • Tap on the round activity icon on top of screen to back to activity screen if needed

Pause/Resume activity

If the activity is on, the power button will lock the touch screen. Otherwise, will off the screen.

To Pause activity for lunch

  • Press start/stop button
  • Press power button to off the screen

Resume activity

  • Press power button
  • Press start/stop button

Merge activities

If the activity was stopped and saved, then the only way I know to merge with previous activity is using following online tool, but some useful information will be lost too, such as activity type, category, calories, etc.


Unable to login after set admin password when setting up NextCloud

Unable to login after set admin password when setting up

After installed NextCloud using NextCloud Docker, unable to login using newly created admin password.


Use Google Chrome to login, it doesn't work in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. After fully completed setup, Firefox works again.