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Placing fingers for FPS gaming

Placing fingers for FPS gaming

Frames per second (FPS) gaming requires muscle memory, fast response is not only needs for screen, but also for player, there is no time to move eyes from screen to hands at all.


Place fingers correctly while gaming can take advantage, such as fast response, less mistake, less stress, etc. Following placement just a guide for some games, such as genshin impact, etc.

  • Middle finger on W and alternate it between S
  • Index finger on D
  • Ring finger on A
  • Pinky finger on shift alternating to Ctrl when needing to crouch
  • Thumb finger over space alternating to C/X/Z for the commands

If you put keyboard flat, you may able to use the palm near to your pinky finger to hit control. In this case, you need to use Middle/Index/Ring to hit C/X/Z, anyway, thumb is not easy to reach them as well.


Most of buttons and sticks are very obvious, except bumpers and triggers.

  • Index finger on bumper
  • Middle finger on trigger