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Renumber storage pools and volumes in Synology NAS

Renumber storage pools and volumes in Synology NAS


For me, memorizing is a big issue, especially for logicless items. If it is anti-logic environment, I would make many mistakes which causes huge headache.

Numbering in Synology NAS is an issue for me, I got one volume2 but in storage pool 1, the volume1 is in storage pool 2. Normally, my thinking is simple, all packages are installed in volume1 and all iSCSI LUN created in volume1 as well, because I got SSD cache for volume1.

But above configuration confused me when ever received notification, I need to think about which volume got issue because the notification mentioned storage pool instead.

Today, thinking about change storage pool name again, because I know it is a setting hold by Synology, not Linux OS. Then I got answer.


Luckily I got issue with my DSM6, not DSM7, because they said that this can not be done in DSM7.

Renumber storage pool

Read storage pool number

# synospace --meta -e
Reuse Space ID=[]
Reuse Space ID=[reuse_2]

Above result shows device /dev/vg1 is numbered as Storage Pool 2

Set number

To set storage pool number for specific device, use following command

# synospace --meta -s -i reuse_{storage_pool_number} {device_name}

Change volume number

Note: This one, I haven't tested. But if it works, then I might want to try to shink volume next time

Stop services

Stop all docker containers, etc., then stop all services using following command

syno_poweroff_task -d

list LV

lvm lvscan

rename LV

lvm lvrename {VG name} {old LV name} {new LV name}



Shared folders and iSCSI services should be automatically modified and checking all you services are running correctly.


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