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WordPress Error – bypass `reCaptcha v3 test failed`

WordPress Error - bypass reCaptcha v3 test failed

When encounter error when login to WordPress, can temporarily bypass reCaptcha verification

reCaptcha v3 test failed


Rename folder wp-content/plugins/google-captcha to wp-content/plugins/google-captcha.old, then try to login again.

To enable back, rename back the folder.


Implement ReCatpcha in WordPress

Implement ReCatpcha in WordPress

To save time on reviewing comment in WordPress, I decided to implement ReCatpcha in WordPress.


Download plugin

Download Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha plugin, because it supports many forms, including Contact Form 7 which I'm using currently.

Configure Google reCAPTCHA keys

Get Google reCAPTCHA keys and configure them into two fields in settings of plugin.

  • Site Key
  • Secret Key
  • Enable all forms in Enabled Forms
  • Set recaptcha.net as Recaptcha Domain

Note: I chose V3.

Result will be a smal box at right bottom corner on each page.

Configure Contact Form 7

In Contact Form 7 plugin configuration, click on the form which used and add following statement.

[anr_nocaptcha g-recaptcha-response]

There is an issue after turned on.

The contact form has one empty non-editable box, very annoying.


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