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Reinstall Proxmox VE node in cluster

Reinstall Proxmox VE node in cluster

After node pve01 in Proxmox VE cluster crushed, reinstall new pve01 in same hardware.

Install PVE using ISO

This just follows the normal installation steps.

Try and error

Tried many tries, end up using following steps to add the replacement node.

  • In the any old node, which is not the node itself, run following to del the node from cluster
pvecm delnode <old_node>
  • Remove old node known host from all other nodes
ssh-keygen -f "/etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts" -R "<old_node>"
ssh-keygen -f "/root/.ssh/known_hosts" -R "<old_node>"
  • In the new node, run
pvecm add <existing_node>
pvecm updatecerts
  • Update vote for new node (optional)

Edit file /etc/pve/corosync.conf change the vote number.

  • Import old local pools
zpool import -f <old_local_pool>

Change expected votes

Run following commands to check and set acceptable votes in existing node in the cluster

pvecm status
pvecm expected 3

Remove old node

pvecm delnode pve01

Remove old ssh know host

ssh-keygen -f "/etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts" -R "pve01"
ssh-keygen -f "/root/.ssh/known_hosts" -R "pve01"

or manual edit two files.

Add node

Run following command in NEW NODE

pvecm add <existing_node>

Sync certs

pvecm updatecerts

Test SSH key authentication

Make sure SSH Key authentication is working

Copy UI certificate

cp /etc/pve/nodes/pve02/pveproxy-ssl.* /etc/pve/nodes/pve01

Remove local-zfs filesystem

If the previous node was using zfs, then now change to ext4, local-zfs needs to be removed.

vi /etc/pve/storage.cfg

If need to disable cluster, following command can be used

systemctl stop pve-cluster
/usr/bin/pmxcfs -l

Restart pve01 cluster

systemctl restart pve-cluster


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