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Migrate Storage from FreeNAS/TrueNAS Core to TrueNAS Scale

Migrate Storage from FreeNAS/TrueNAS Core to TrueNAS Scale


FreeNAS/TrueNAS Core is using FreeBSD OS, which doesn't support docker and KVM, it uses bhyve as Hyperviser. In order to use docker, requires VM to be installed, such as Rancher OS VM, which is an overhead of the system.

TrueNAS Scale is developed under Debian, and which is still under beta version. In order to use more features under virtualization, TrueNAS Scale is considered to be used.

Reinstall TrueNAS Scale

Installation of TrueNAS Scale is slower than TrueNAS Core, network configuration is different too.


Network aggregation configuration for failover, could not select active and stand by interface. Need to find out more on this configuration.

Import TureNAS Core storage

ZFS pool can be installed easily.

Rename zpool name and dataset

To change the pool name, can use shell to import and export before use GUI import. Following commands can be used

zpool import pool_old pool_new
zpool export pool_new
zpool import pool_new
zfs rename old_name new_name
zpool export pool_new