Move MicroSD boot proxmox to eMMC

Move MicroSD boot proxmox to eMMC


  • Manually deplicate partition from MicroSD to eMMC using fdisk, ignore the bios partition as EFI partition used.
  • Unmount old /boot/efi partition, then duplicate EFI partition using dd from MicroSD, this can keep UUID
  • Create PV on eMMC data partition and add it to pve VG
  • Move all data from old MicroSD partition to eMMC partition
    pvmove /dev/<MicroSD partition>
  • Check structure and UUID using following command
    lsblk -o +UUID
  • Remove MicroSD PV from pve VG using vgreduce, then use pvremove to remove PV from MicroSD
  • Mount new /boot/efi partition, then run grub-install to recreate grub.cfg file
  • Remove MicroSD from system, then reboot


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