Lost network after PVE rebooted

Lost network after PVE rebooted


After reboot of PVE, network interfaces detected, but no link activated, ip address command shows all physical interfaces are down, and interfaces LED lights are shut off when loading OS.

Getting permission denied error when run ifup command, when using python3 /usr/sbin/ifup -a command, getting error as another instance of this application is already running

After using strace python3 /usr/sbin/ifup -a command, found that the command tried to access folder /run/network, but it doesn't exist.


Create folder /run/network after rebooted, then run command python3 /usr/sbin/ifup -a to bring up network manually.

Note: This is only a temporary solution, because the folder /run/network will disappear. Will troubleshoot again when got time.


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