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Exclude files when run `rmlint`

Exclude files when run rmlint

To exclude files, using find command, then pass the parameter - to rmlint as folder name

$ find /target/dir -type f ! -name '*.nib' ! -name '*.icon' ! -name '*.plist' | rmlint [options] -

For only search specific type of file, can use following command:

find /mm -iname "*.DFF" -type f | rmlint -T df --config=sh:handler=hardlink -


How do I exclude/ignore specific file types/extensions with rmlint?

Options restrict in one filesystem

Options restrict in one filesystem

There are quite number of tasks may want to be executed in one filesystem, this is important during troubleshooting, especially for root directory (/).


Restrict find command only looking entries within one filesystem, use option -xdev

find /usr -xdev ...


Restrict du command only calculate for one filesystem, use option -x

du -cshx /


Restrict tar command only archive files in one filesystem, use option --one-file-system

tar --one-file-system -czvf /tmp/root.tgz /