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Exclude files when run `rmlint`

Exclude files when run rmlint

To exclude files, using find command, then pass the parameter - to rmlint as folder name

$ find /target/dir -type f ! -name '*.nib' ! -name '*.icon' ! -name '*.plist' | rmlint [options] -

For only search specific type of file, can use following command:

find /mm -iname "*.DFF" -type f | rmlint -T df --config=sh:handler=hardlink -


How do I exclude/ignore specific file types/extensions with rmlint?

Command `rmlint`usage

Command rmlintusage

The command rmlint can be used to dedup the files, which can support reflink.

I was using reflink dedup for BTRFS, but end up, I changed to hardlink. I think hardlink is more commonly used in Unix environment


rmlint -T df --config=sh:handler=hardlink /dedup

This will dedup the files in /dedup directory, and will generate a file called rmlint.sh in current directory. Run that shell script, will change duplicated files to hard link.

The -T df means dedup files.
The config=sh means generate shell script
The handler=hardlink means generate script using hardlink dedup

Other options

There are many options, but I don't use them.


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