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Enable SSL for Hashicorp Vault

Enable SSL for Hashicorp Vault

Update configuration


cat vault.json
  "backend": {
    "file": {
      "path": "/vault/file"
  "listener": {
      "address": "",
      "tls_enable": 1,
      "tls_cert_file": "/vault/config/cert.pem",
      "tls_key_file": "/vault/config/privkey.pem"
  "ui": true

Copy certificate files

Copy into /vault/config folder

Restart vault container



Hashicorp - SSL/TLS Question #212

Replace Certificate in Synology NAS

Replace Certificate in Synology NAS

Fill up info

Following steps can be used to replace certificate (not renew) in Synology NAS user interface.

  • Go to Control Panel -> Security -> Certificate
  • Select Add -> Add
  • Select Replace an existing certificate
  • Choose the certificate to be replaced
  • Select Get a certificate from Let's Encrypt
  • Fill up info, includes domain, email, alias (seperated by semi-colons)

Change port forwarding

Now, make sure Synology NAS can be accessed from internet via port forwarding at port 80 and 443 if required.

Suggest using A * record in DNS entry to avoid DNS change. Use NGINX to redirect traffic to this host.


Then generate certificate.