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Learning – Kubernetes Operator

Learning - Kubernetes Operator

Used for Stateful Applications on K8s

Stateless Applications on K8s

Control loop

Observe => Check Differences => Take Action => Observe ...

  • Recreate died pods
  • restart updated pods

Stateful Applications WITHOUT Operator

Data Persistence

  • more "hand-holding" needed

  • throughout whole lifecycle

  • all 3 replicas are different

  • own state and identity

  • order important

  • Process different for each application

  • So, no standard solution

  • manual intervention necessary

  • people, who "operate" these applications

  • can not archive automation, self-healing

Stateful application WITH Operator

To manage stateful application

Replaces human operator with software operator.

  • How to deploy the app?

  • How to create cluster of replicas?

  • How to recover?

  • tasks are automated and reusable

  • One 1 standard automated process

  • more complex/more environments => more benefits

Control loop mechanism

watch for changes

Observe => Check Differences => Take Action => Observe ...

It is custom control loop

make use of CRD's

Custom Resource Definitions

  • custom K8s component (extends K8s API)

Your own custom component

domain/app-specific knowledge

CRD's, StatefulSet, ConfigMap, Service, ...

automates entire lifecycle of the app it operates


  • Managing complete lifecycle of stateless apps
    No business logic necessary to: create, update, delete
  • K8s can't automate the process natively for stateful apps
    Operators: prometheus-operator, mysql-operator, postgres-operator, elastic-operator

For example: MySQL

  • How to create the mysql cluster
  • How to run it
  • How to synchronize the data
  • How to update


Operator SDK to create own operator


Kubernetes Operator simply explained in 10 mins