Play music with DAC in MacOS

Play music with DAC in MacOS

Use music players in MacOS and output to DAC directly.




  • Go to Preferences -> Output screen
  • Change Output Device
  • Change DSD mode to DoP if DAC supports DSD.
  • Change PCM mode from to the highest DSD format DAC can play
  • Enable Exclusive / Hog mode if don't expect OS sounds appear
  • Enable Audio Signal Bypass if want to disable OS sound functions
  • Auto-raise system volume to 100% for this device if the DAC has no problem such as reseting voice level. For example, Creative portable DAC can suddent raise to very high level when turning on.
  • Changing device requires Remember... setting to be off

Note: If using Exclusive mode, need to change system default sound device to other device in order to use the device selected for music playing.


  • Free
  • Can play many format
  • Changing options require player restart
  • Can not specify DAC unsupported formats to be software decoded



Forgot how to change them.

  • Go to **Preferences"
  • Click on Show All at bottom left corner
  • ...


  • Cannot play DFF format
  • Not easy to find out options
  • Mainly for video playing

JRiver Media Center

This is a library style player, but user interface isn't user friendly as iTune, and library isn't manging not well at all.


  • Not free and yearly upgrade
    • Master (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) License Upgrade $34.98
    • Single OS Upgrade $22.98


  • Support Windows, Mac, and Linux

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