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Strange result of verifying APE Audio File

Strange result of verifying APE Audio File

In Monkey’s Audio, there is a function called Verify, which should verify integrity of APE audio files.

But after I downloaded the latest version of Monkey's Audio (version 7.21), then I don't believe it can do any more.

I got a few files which are different than another set of same files. They come from same source, shoud be identical, but there are a few bytes different. Then I used Monkey's Audio to test all of them, they all past the verification.

There are some other issues too, the Monkey's Audio could not add directory, I tried many time, just nothing added. But I can add files.


Possible to check integrity of APE files?
Monkey's Audio
Why use the APE Audio File Format to Back Up Your Audio CD? Monkey’s Audio Explained

TODO: Using foobar2000 to verify music file integrity

Using foobar2000 to verify music file integrity

Couldn't found install component feature in MacOS version.

Download File Integrity Verifier

Download component from following location

File Integrity Verifier

Install component

Install component using following steps

  • Open the foobar2000 preferences dialog (click "File | Preferences" or use the CTRL+P keyboard shortcut).
  • Select the Components page.
  • Either click the Install... button and locate the component archive, or simply drag it on to the list.
  • Click OK ...
  • Restart.


Tested on following formats

  • flac


  • Failed to test on dff format.



Play music with DAC in MacOS

Play music with DAC in MacOS

Use music players in MacOS and output to DAC directly.


Website: https://colibri-lossless.com/


  • Go to Preferences -> Output screen
  • Change Output Device
  • Change DSD mode to DoP if DAC supports DSD.
  • Change PCM mode from to the highest DSD format DAC can play
  • Enable Exclusive / Hog mode if don't expect OS sounds appear
  • Enable Audio Signal Bypass if want to disable OS sound functions
  • Auto-raise system volume to 100% for this device if the DAC has no problem such as reseting voice level. For example, Creative portable DAC can suddent raise to very high level when turning on.
  • Changing device requires Remember... setting to be off

Note: If using Exclusive mode, need to change system default sound device to other device in order to use the device selected for music playing.


  • Free
  • Can play many format
  • Changing options require player restart
  • Can not specify DAC unsupported formats to be software decoded



Forgot how to change them.

  • Go to **Preferences"
  • Click on Show All at bottom left corner
  • ...


  • Cannot play DFF format
  • Not easy to find out options
  • Mainly for video playing

JRiver Media Center

This is a library style player, but user interface isn't user friendly as iTune, and library isn't manging not well at all.


  • Not free and yearly upgrade
    • Master (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) License Upgrade $34.98
    • Single OS Upgrade $22.98


  • Support Windows, Mac, and Linux