Day: December 5, 2021

eWeLink could not detect new Sonoff switch

eWeLink could not detect new Sonoff switch

Spent a few hours troubleshoot the eWeLink could not add Sonoff switch issue.

  • Tried to move the switch near to WiFi router
  • Separate bands in router
  • Connect to different router
  • Change phone, between iPhone and Android phone

After a few hours, still could not detect Sonoff switch.

In the evening, the suddenly can detect, but could not download device info, got error 401. Then I think it was caused by me after reset password, then used the phone which performed password reset to try again. Finally the device was added successfully.

Then tried at night again, everything ok.

Possible cause

I think it was caused by eWeLink website issue, which could not register new device. And once issue happened, need to reset the device to let the eWeLink App detects again, and I didn't notice the message as well.

eweLink has made some changes last week. API needs updating

Strange result of verifying APE Audio File

Strange result of verifying APE Audio File

In Monkey’s Audio, there is a function called Verify, which should verify integrity of APE audio files.

But after I downloaded the latest version of Monkey's Audio (version 7.21), then I don't believe it can do any more.

I got a few files which are different than another set of same files. They come from same source, shoud be identical, but there are a few bytes different. Then I used Monkey's Audio to test all of them, they all past the verification.

There are some other issues too, the Monkey's Audio could not add directory, I tried many time, just nothing added. But I can add files.


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