Install self generated CA certificate into Windows OS

Install self generated CA certificate into Windows OS

To trust self generated CA from client system, following steps can be used.

Retrieve CA certificate from server

Copy from CA certificate using browser

Click on lock icron beside address bar of browser, then view certificates.

Copy from server,

The self generated CA certificate normally can be found in server, such as

Install CA certificate

Install into OS

  • Run command mmc
  • Select File => Add/Remove Snap-ins
  • Select Certificates and press the Add button
  • Select Computer account => Local Account, and press the Finish
  • Select Certificates and right-click Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  • Click All Tasks => Import, then add the digital certificate

Firefox Only

In Firefox, which has its own certificate store, the system certificates are not accepted. So use following steps to enable system certificates to be used for current user.

  • Open new tab, and type about:config
  • Search for security.enterprise_roots.enabled
  • Change it to true by double click the line.

Note: This only enable trust for current user


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