Learning – Fat-Free PHP Framework (Template Hierarchy)

Learning - Fat-Free PHP Framework (Template Hierarchy)

Template Hierarchy

Copy from bootstrap

  • Go to https://getbootstrap.com/getting-started/#examples, select Dashboard.

  • Copy dashboard.htm to app/views/dashboard.htm

  • Copy dashboard.css into app/css/dashboard.css

  • Create app/views/header.htm

    • Move html header in dashboard.htm into header.htm
    • Delete unecessary javascript for IE8
    • Update bootstrap.min.css to CBN version
    • Update the path of dashboard.css
  • Create app/views/layout.htm

<include href="header.htm" />
<include href="{{ @view }}" />
  • Update MainController class

class MainController extends Controller {
    function render() {
        $this->f3->set(&#039;view&#039;, &#039;dashoboard.htm&#039;);
        $template = new Template;
        echo $template->render(&#039;layout.htm&#039;);
  • Create nav.htm

Move the body contents before Dashboard div into file nav.htm

            <ui class="nav nav-sidebar">


Template Hierarchy in Fat-Free PHP Framework Sample Project

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