Migrate USB boot TrueNAS to Proxmox VM

Migrate USB boot TrueNAS to Proxmox VM

After Proxmox installed, I also migrate TrueNAS to Proxmox as VM

Create disk image

Use dd command to copy USB drive to a disk file

dd if=/dev/sdi of=/tmp/truenas.raw bs=10m

Create Proxmox VM

  • Create a VM with SeaBIOS

  • Remove VM disk

  • Use following command to import disk

qm importdisk <vm_id> <raw_file> <storage_id>

For example

qm importdisk 100 vm.raw ds1812-vm_nfs1
  • Go to VM hardware page

  • Select unused disk and click Add button to add disk into VM

  • Select Options => Boot Order to check the iscsi controller

  • List all disks and find out the disks like to passthru

  • Find out device path
ls /dev/disk/by-id/*<SERIAL_NUM>*
  • Import storage disks as passthru devices
qm set 100 -scsi2 <device>

Boot TrueNAS VM

Change network configuration

  • Interface with IP address
  • Bridge network interface


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