Kubernetes Service External IPs

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Kubernetes Service External IPs

After external service created in Kubernetes, the external IPs are not assigned unless the underlying infrastructure supports the automatic creation of Load Balancers and have the respective support in Kubernetes, as is the case with the Google Cloud Platform and AWS.

In such case, all internal IPs are able to be accessed using service port. This is the same as Docker Swarm.


Run following command to assign an external IP

minikube service <service_name>

Another one is to run minikube tunnel to assign the IP.


Manually assign IP using following configuration file

  type: LoadBalancer


MetalLB hooks into your Kubernetes cluster, and provides a network load-balancer implementation.


Kubernetes service external ip pending
Using minikube tunnel
Ingress class
Load Balancer Service type for Kubernetes
Service Mesh - Kubernetes LoadBalancer Service External IP pending
Service Mesh - Build Kubernetes & Istio environment with kubeadm and MetalLB

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